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The Financial Approach to Non-Financial Risks

Manage Damage is a risk advisory firm with a difference. We apply a financial approach to solve non-financial risks to give business boards and senior leaders greater visibility to the true cost of Damage.

By assessing your business’ risk portfolio in this way we help reduce the cost of Damage and the negative impact on the bottom-line.

We welcome the opportunity to have a confidential conversation about your risk needs. Contact us  +61 7 3172 8147

About Us

Manage Damage works with Boards, CEOs, CFOs and & other senior leaders to drive efficiency, productivity and profitability.  By dollarising a business’s risk portfolio.

Manage Damage is able to create an environment where non-financial risk is converted into dollar terms to enable management to more easily address the complex interplay of these factors within a business and & reduce associated costs.

By assessing a company’s risk portfolio via the cost of damage they are able to better manage & reduce, the costs associated with risk. We provide complete visibility of true damage costs and highlight the opportunities to manage the damage. Our unique approach to ‘dollarising’ risk reduces the cost of damage and the negative impact on the bottom-line.

To provide ongoing visibility, accountability & measurement to this area of risk across the entire business we developed MetricDriver™, a powerful process that uses the philosophy of Risk Dollarisation®.

We provide positive impacts and results for Companies - Business Units - Countries - Employer Self Insurers - Employer Funded Insurance - States

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We welcome the opportunity to have a confidential conversation about your risk needs


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